The Yattiyr Scholarship Initiative (YSI) women joined the rest of the world in celebrating this year’s International Women Day. The day was marked with an all-female hangout held at Chronicles restaurant, Kwara Mall, Ilorin, with a total of fifteen ladies in attendance.

The theme of this year’s Women’s Day, Balance for Better, directed the discussions and other activities of the day. The hangout started with a lively introduction session, then the “Score Yourself” session which were both moderated by Miss. Kolo Rhoda, the acting Lead of the Content team, YSI. Questions on personal hygiene, interpersonal relationships and current affairs were asked and the ladies scored themselves accordingly. The end of the session ushered in the mantra adopted for the day- Phenomenal Woman coined by Miss Musa Claudia. The topic for discussion- “The rise of women is not the fall of men” was led by Miss Gbala Ifeoluwa, the Secretary General, YSI. She gave reasons why feminism should be a fight for gender equity and not a fight against men. She also emphasized the need for women to support, encourage and motivate one another. The need to build confidence and self-esteem is also one of the highlights of her lecture. She also reiterated that women should embrace complementing each other and not compete with each other. The lecture session was very interactive and the ladies shared opinions, personal experiences and thoughts on solutions.

After the lecture, everyone in attendance made individual short videos (30 seconds) which would be uploaded on their respective social media pages. In the videos, each participant emphasized the lessons learnt from the hangout and why women must support one another. The hangout ended with with photo sessions and refreshments.


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