You must have read this story in your English Language class but I will tell it to you again. There lived a hunter who was so sad his house had become a breeding ground for mice. Who would believe a hunter couldn’t handle little rats; they must have been smart and determined to stay forever. They had a lot to eat all the time.

One day, the hunter bought a cat to make the mice go away. He was so pleased with himself. For the mice, there was nothing pleasant about the cat. No sooner had it come that they reduced in number and began to live in fear. They soon had a meeting to eliminate their new enemy. A little mouse suggested they tie a bell around the cat’s neck so they’d be warned about its presence. The mice applauded the idea and talked about how they’d regain their freedom again, enjoy meals they’d missed, etc. They danced and cheered until an older mouse asked, ‘Who will bell the cat?’

You have great ideas, ambitions, plans but who’s going to achieve them for you?

There is an euphoria  that comes after a brilliant idea hits me and I know you must have experienced it also but after a month or two, a year or maybe several years we ask, ‘Why didn’t I end up doing this or that?’  Well, I have some guesses:

  • You fantasized/talked too much about it: an idea, when it hits you is like a surprise parcel from a loved one that you can’t wait to show your friends. You need to relax first!

Talking saps strength. Try writing this idea first. You have tried writing?? How about this?

  • You saw just the beautiful ending: when you get an idea, it’s normal to think about the fame or wealth it could bring you but hey! Someone’s actually got to bell all the cats on the way to “LA LA” land. There is so much you have to put in. You need to strategize and set SMART goals.

S- Specific   M-Measurable A- Achievable R- Realistic T- Time-bound 

  • You never really started: people often think starting with the big tasks on their list is the way to go. For instance, I want to build a cage for my puppies and I start by buying wood and nails when I don’t even know how to use a hammer.

My point is, you have to identify the skills you will need. You don’t want to start and stop halfway. A professional swimmer doesn’t face the beach, swim a little and keep going out to learn how to cope in the deeper parts; he’d have lost the game.

  • No one could have helped the mice but them, go bell your cat too!

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