“Akowe ko’shi” (one who studies and still remains poor), I already told you education can not get us anywhere in this country. Just look at buoda Muri, when did we all go to Ibadan with Baba for his graduation? What has his first class degree earned him? Troubles! We were both there when Baba came all the way from the village to take him back. Buoda Muri has major psychological problems because of unemployment. There’s nothing in this for us, Charles”.

* * *

Ever since Charles got picked up by the EFCC, he has been recounting how his journey into internet fraud/scam (yahoo yahoo) started. The conversations he had with his friend, Tola who had convinced him there was nothing wrong with ‘hustling’ for himself while in school as his certificate wouldn’t get him anywhere. He shook his head in regret as he remembered the part Tola had told him it was better to start while in school so he’d be a pro upon graduation and set up his own team.

Now he was here; no Tola, no certificate, no one to get him out of the mess he got himself into.

“Lord, if would just help me. You know I am an orphan, all i wanted was to create a better life for Baba (the man who raised him), send help Lord, send angel Gabriel, send fire, send…”,he kept praying.

Charles lost his parents in a ghastly motor accident when he was 4.The brake had failed and the car hit a big tree in the bush. Baba found Charles a day after. Baba did all he could to locate Charles’ other family members but to no avail. He eventually decided to train him. Charles grew in the village with Baba and his son, Buoda Muri. Baba gave all he could and even sent Charles to the university to study computer science.

Life wasn’t easy in school, he barely had enough most times but was determined to graduate with a good grade, secure a job and live a better life. All of that was impossible now.

Tola had been his friend for a very long time, he was like family. They grew up together and were in the same department in school. Both of them had a promising future but greed wrapped in the guise of desire to offer immediate help to their families that weren’t even making demands of them, led them both to start yahoo yahoo- Tola first.

Tola started working with some so-called big boys on campus and was making some money out of it, he went ahead to ask Charles to join them when they wanted to steal from a former Minister of the country. They got successful and Charles was sent to the bank to go cash out (being that he was the newest recruit).

The bank authority who had noticed some irregularities on that account alerted the security agents. Charles was arrested, arraigned before the court and sentenced to a jail term of 15 years. The guys he mentioned their names had to leave school for fear. Turned out they had been expelled by the University before but still remained on campus wasting their lives.

Baba died from a heart attack. Tola couldn’t live with the guilt and hanged himself.

No reason is good enough for fraud.

Rest is sweet after good labour

Your brain is made for more

Say no to ‘yahoo yahoo’

The first time might be your last

Say no to Wealth gotten by ill means

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