“If I do not call her, she will not call me either.”

“The last time we checked up on each other was the last time I checked up on her.”

“She is my best friend but I am not her best friend.”

Is any of the above narrative you?

Have you been a victim of the one-sided love? Or perhaps, are you the one who have been the beneficiary?

There’s nothing more heartbreaking than a one-sided love. It is not fair to the one who is doing the loving, while you on the other hand take all you can without recourse.

Sometimes, our parents are the victims of the one-sided love. How often do you show love to your parents? Have you been a good child? Of course you have got your life to live now and you may not have the time for unnecessary pleasantries. But, when one loves a thing, one creates the time for it. If the only time you ever talk to your parents is when they call you, then you are not doing well. And if the only time you go calling them is when you are in need, you haven’t done well either. Parents deserve to be loves too.

The one-sided love may also come from an employee to an organisation. As a staff of an organisation, do you only receive your wages and move on? Do you show love to the organisation? You show love to your organisation by your commitment and duty. You should not do what you are supposed to do only when someone is watching. Rather, your duty and commitment should be unwavering. That is how you show love.

As persons of purpose, we really need to ponder upon these little things that we do that makes us seem selfish. Being selfish is not love. You should remember that what goes around comes around. The love or hate you serve today will one day come back to you.

Still in the spirit of Valentine, re-channel you energy into serving nothing but love, whether they deserve it or not. It is not about them, it is about you. What you give is from the abundance of what you have inside.

Think about it, have you been loving enough?

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