All that you desire to achieve in ‘your’ future requires you to take certain actions in your present. Every journey begins with a single step. The first step towards your bigger future is recognizing your role in life, that is finding purpose. ‘You were born to solve a problem in your generation. Your value is in the problem you solve’– Dr Myles Munroe.

It is no secret that our children today have many educational obstacles to overcome to ensure that they have a bright tomorrow. Our help today can go a long way to pave way for a brighter future for them. When we realize that we are blessed to be a blessing unto others then our strength will be channeled to doing so. Helping is like sowing, we reap what we sow eventually although may not be immediate. Most times we do not even get to enjoy the benefits, generations to come might and that is termed a legacy. We have seen lot of cases where the little boy or girl that had nothing before but on account of being encouraged and helped turn out to be a blessing to such helpers and even the world at large.

The Churchill story
Just as the case of Sir Randolph Churchill who saw potential in the face of a young Scottish farm boy who helped him when his carriage got stuck in thick mud. On interacting with him, he got to know that the young boy desired to become a medical doctor despite having no means of achieving his dreams as his parents were only poor farmers. He promised to help him achieve his dreams and he kept it. That selfless act of Sir Randolph Churchill turned out to be what saved the life of his very own son Winston Churchill who was close to death due to pneumonia about fifty years later. Churchill became two times prime minister and anointed savior of Britain to defeat Nazi Germany in World war II. He was saved by the drug “Penicillin” that was discovered by Alexander Fleming, the same young boy who had pulled the stalled carriage from the mud. Alexander Fleming impacted the world because of what Sir Randolph Churchill did.

‘Nigeria as a country has the highest population in Africa and one of the leading population in the whole world yet has invested less than 1% over a period of 25 years from 1991 when she reduced the expenditure on education as a percentage of GDP to 0.7%’- Mr Raymond Osaghele (A business survey analyst) in an interview on 25th May 2018. He exposited that growth can only be achieved with investment in education.

We can help create the future we wish to see. We can support the educational needs of gifted but underprivileged children. We can empower them to take charge of their education enabling them to reach their full potential. Many children are forced to drop out of school in order to work and provide for themselves and their families. Without education or training, these children may continue to live in poverty, perpetuating the same hard living conditions of their parents.

Our help today can be the beginning of the beautiful future we desire to see. My token can secure a better future for these children, your token can make the dream of a child become a reality, our joint efforts can bring about a better future. Theres so much we achieve collectively’ Fatoye John.

At the Yattiyr Scholarship Initiative, we work with a vision to alleviate poverty by proffering hope and access to education for indigent public secondary school students via advocacy, mentorship and scholarship. You can join in this pursuit by becoming a sponsor. Donating the lowest thousand could help keep a child in school.

Excellence for one can mean excellence for all.
The future starts today!

By: Babatunde Damilola
Head, Content team

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