The teams in YSI and their respective functions are:


  • Develop contents (articles, stories and other literary forms) for outreaches, projects and UN days in line with the vision of the organization
  • General report writing
  • Impact reports
  • Presentations for projects and outreaches
  • Regular factsheet and database


  • Create thematic areas for projects and outreaches
  • Public relations
  • Serve as liaison with speakers and other resource persons
  • Draw event programmes
  • Anchor programs
  • Organize online sessions
  • Submit unit reports


  • Identify and propose locations for outreaches and projects
  • Lead pre-outreach surveys
  • Collect (using questionnaires and other tools) and analyze data from survey
  • Generate and present data for infographics
  • Ensure adequate follow-up on all projects and outreaches
  • Coordinate mentorship pairing
  • Monthly reports on monitoring
  • Verify calls and family/community needs
  • Recommend for sponsorship
  • Audit Organization financial account monthly


  • Propose fundraising plans and strategy
  • Present project, outreach and annual budget
  • Ensure accurate fund management and disbursement
  • Provide financial update and reports
  • Ensure in-house collection of dues
  • Follow up on financiers and sponsors
  • Open and manage organization’s official bank account and propose banker


  • Ensure event set up
  • Shall identify and propose school or community for outreaches and projects (in conjunction with the Surveillance team)
  • Submission of official letters
  • Source and sustain sponsorship
  • Protocol management
  • Transportation
  • Identification and
  • Mobilization of resources
  • Guest accommodation


  • Social media promotion for the organization
  • Brand awareness
  • Regular website update
  • Online engagements including birthday celebrations
  • Social media updates of contents and infographics
  • Generate online followership and collaboration
  • Photography at events
  • Online forms
  • IT control at events


  • Creating of designs for online engagements
  • Creation of designs for programmes
  • Creation of infographics
  • Printings (Banners, posters, vests etc.)
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