It all started in the late 90s when the Nigerian Government refused to pay the fees of her students who were on the Federal Government scholarship beneficiary list. These young men were left stranded in the Queen’s land, United Kingdom, where they had been sent for higher studies. The Nigerian Military Government at the time, back home, refused to pay for their tuition, feeding and boarding fees. The Queen’s land as it were, was not an orphanage home. And so, the Nigerian students who were supposedly beneficiaries of the Federal Government scholarship were served with a quit notice. To either go back home to Nigeria without the academic degree being pursued or face merciless deportation were no option at all.

And subtly, “Yahoo Yahoo” was born.

This term is used colloquially among Nigerians to refer to internet fraud. As their hope continued to dwindle, those Nigerian students in diaspora wobbled their way into other European countries and the United States to continue life. A large number of them then begun to defraud unsuspecting citizens of their credit cards. Street hustle took over creed beaver. Credit card fraud metamorphosed into fully blown internet fraud. The evolution of the latter was pepped up by the telecom new age.

Now, we are here. “Yahoo Yahoo”. It has become a thriving business for the highly and lowly, the academician and the dropout. The Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC) now have an affinity for laptops and internet-enabled mobile gadgets. In a bid to curb this menace, every young person is a suspected fraudster until proven otherwise. Desperate fraudsters even go on to involve voodooism to achieve their said purpose of defrauding people. Internet fraud continues to delve deeper into the core of our morals as black people.

The active and passive internet fraudsters have also got a thing or two to say. “We are not thieves, we only take back what the Whites forcefully took away from our forefathers”, they say. Incidentally, this chutzpah adds up a twist to the initial story. No longer is it about the negligence of the Government on her abandoned scholarship beneficiaries. No longer is it about the street hustle to escape deportation from the Queen’s land. And ultimately, no longer is it about striving to find daily bread.

Instead, ” yahoo yahoo” speaks volume of the inertness of the black people. A laziness so deep that it reverberates into the foundation of the very existence of man. It yet again defines how a black man rations in the slavery of his mind. How so!

A movement against internet fraud is on the rise, though the EFCC only seem to be alone in this movement. A liberation of the mind first of all, then, a thorough purging of fraudsters and intending fraudsters. The mind needs to be opened to see how far this sickle act of fraud has deteriorated the society. Internet fraud is not a means to an end, rather, it is an end to a means. Our laziness quota needs to be revisited and challenged.

What legacy do you intend passing on to the next generation? The slavery mindset? Defrauding the Whites only to show off, vacation in the land of the Whites, and take pictures for the Instagram created by the Whites? Think about it. Have we truly been independent as a nation and as a person?

Be an advocate against internet fraud, say no to “Yahoo Yahoo”

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