ONLINE LECTURE- Leadership Potential by Mr Adedoyin Gabriel


Leadership is the ability to inspire a group of people to achieve a particular dream or vision. Leaders are ordinary people who accept, or are placed under extraordinary circumstances that bring forth their latent potential, thus producing a character that inspires the confidence and trust of others (Myles Munroe ).

Leadership can be said to lie in these three key things, viz:

– Inspiration

– Motivation

– Passion

SERVICE- the core of true leadership

We must understand that there are key differences between leadership and rulership. Leadership has service at its core while rulership has dominance at its core.
“I don’t know what your destiny will be, but one thing I know: The ones among you who will be really happy are those who have sought and found how to serve.” — Albert Schweitze

FACTS about leadership

Leadership is not inherited or passed on;

No one is born a leader, but everyone is born to be a leader, at least in their various areas of gifting;

Leadership is not position, rather, it is influence. Leadership is one’s capacity to influence a group of people to achieve a particular goal. If you do that, then you are a leader.


Every one of us was created with an inner capacity to lead. Our responsibility is to find that leadership capacity and potential and stir it up into flames. We must understand that the first responsibility of everyone of us is to step up and lead our own lives. It is quite unfortunate that the kind of leaders we have today are people who have not led their own lives well.

Leading our lives involves building strong character and integrity base. It is on this platform that we begin to build our leadership potential. We must also understand that we should not delay in becoming committed to developing our leadership skills or wait until we are in a leadership position.


Some of the attributes of great leaders are underlisted. They;

  • believe nothing is impossible;
  • believe there is no one way of solving any problem;
  • never accept limitations;
  • are not afraid to fail;
  • are willing to try anything once;
  • challenge their own success;
  • engage the unknown with faith and courage.

If we look at the above qualities, we will realize they are not something we do not all have the capacity to develop. They are not natural abilities that only a few special people possess and thus are the only leaders. We all have the ability to develop these things. We all do not have to lead by using great oratory capacity or a bold personality. You can lead with your pen, with your talent, with your actions, commitment and character. One will just see oneself inspiring people quietly.


On a concluding note, leadership is not necessarily loud. It can be silent. In actual fact, it is the works of great leaders that speak for them and not just their speeches.



At Yattiyr, we are a group of young minds taking hold of leadership in our little sphere of influence with the vision to alleviate poverty by proffering hope and access to education for indigent public secondary school students via advocacy, mentorship and scholarship offers.

Watch out for our forthcoming scholarship awards at the Oke ose community Secondary school and Basin secondary school, Ilorin, Kwara state.

Dare to lead excellently!

Excellence for all… Yattiyr!


Compiled by:  Adegbola Damilola

Content team

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