Children are precious, they are our treasures, future leaders, global leaders, future innovators and reformers. Every child deserves the best. They have the right to enjoy all the benefits of a citizen and of a child which include quality education; every child has the right to receive education that empowers them to realize their full potential. The backbone of a strong nation is in educating the young ones as today’s children will be tomorrow’s leaders. Educating children now will pave way for building a strong and progressive nation in the future as described by Bill Gates in his last visit to Nigeria. Investing in the educational sector which must include the primary and secondary levels of education will help to build the best workforce for the country thereby creating a positive influence on the nation’s economy. We must therefore stimulate our children to create a hunger for learning so as to get the best out of them whilst also making quality education available and accessible to them.

School serves as an important tool to prepare students to be independent thinkers, to develop productive skills and affect it for the best. A milestone in history occurred when man began to read and write. Education opens new doors and helps to advance our society. How much we put in place now goes a long way to determine our future thus there is the need to place great importance on how well we educate our children now. The burden on education is becoming highly overwhelming such that many children do not attend schools at all, while in actual fact the few that attend are taught in schools lacking basic teaching-learning facilities. Majority of these schools lack water supply, electricity, toilet facilities, laboratory facilities and standard classrooms etc all of which are consequential in the attainment of quality education.

This is a call to the government, private institutions and individuals that our future begins now. The efforts put in place now will determine what our future will look like. The ministries of education should put in more effort in providing adequate infrastructures such as electricity, pipes borne water, classroom blocks, school laboratories, workshops and vocational centers should be adequately equipped with the necessary modern facilities. Placing the whole burden on the government would only make its achievement a mirage, there is need for all stakeholders as well as corporate bodies to support in executing such projects. Current and relevant textbooks and internet facilities should be provided in our schools to allow easy teaching and learning. There is also room for awarding scholarships to deserving students as well as indigent ones as this will help to encourage them in the pursuance of their academic excellence.

Yattiyr Scholarship Foundation bears this burden in her heart. The burden of advocating for the provision of quality education for our future leaders strongly bearing in mind the indigent students; those that want but cannot afford. We seek to be a part of the future by helping children stay in school and getting that quality education that they deserve thereby contributing our very own quota to the beautiful future we hope to have one day.

Yattiyr………. Excellence for all.

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