New Volunteers with Members of the Organization’s Admin, with some existing members.


In a bid to further expand the family, the organization released a call for volunteer that opened registration on the 1st and closed  14th of June, 2021. Through the 2 weeks of application, the organization received about 50 applications from enthusiastic and very keen individuals across the country. This was followed by a week of thorough evaluation and application review. Consequently, the most fit applicants were invited for an interview. The interview sought to meet the prospective volunteers, allow them meet the organization’s representative, give them necessary insights and definitely, get to know more about their capacity for the position that they had applied for.


The Successful volunteers were welcomed into and introduced to the organization in a very wonderful way. The Online Onboarding session happened on 15th of July, 2021 and the physical onboarding, 17th of July 2021. Both of the onboarding sessions included not just the new volunteers, but also existing members of the organization. It was very interactive and enlightening.



LEARNING never ends!

The Physical onboarding was particularly enlightening and very insightful. 2 guest speakers were invited to speak with the attendees on very important topics. Omolara Alabi, the Kwara state Coordinator for Yali Network was invited to speak on Education in Nigeria: Intervening Solutions of the 21st Century. The founder of Corinth’s Foundation, Adedeji Titi, was also invited. She spoke on the topic: The Act, Art and Heart of Volunteerism.

The programs were fun, engaging and inspiring.


Cheers to making more impacts!

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