In order to improve education, our teachers need to possess and portray certain characters which project them as leaders. These combinations of qualities identifies them as unique and distinguishes them from the lot. Below are some of the qualities a good teacher should possess.

  • Approachability

Great leaders are approachable, and an impact-driven teacher in this 21st century must showcase that. For an effective learning relationship, the students must feel comfortable relating with the teachers, and not an atmosphere of ‘master and slaves’. Also, there must be polite cordiality between teachers and the parents of their students. It encourages effective monitoring of students’ academic performances and attitude.

  • Communication

Excellent communication skill is another quality a good teacher must possess. Teachers should be the primary source of information on the activities of the school and the feedback on a student’s performance. Parents need to be aware of what is happening in the classroom whether it pertains to the entire class, or it is specific to their child. Another communication strategy is listening and empathy. Some students are exposed to rigid parenting and are consequently forced to keep a lot f issues bottled in. A good teacher should try to be a psychological and emotional refuge to students in need.

  • Passion

Great leaders energize those around them with their passion, which is why people gravitate towards them and are willing to follow their lead. Teachers are leaders and should spread their passion around their classrooms and  in the content they teach. A teacher may not necessarily love everything he/she teaches; however, he/she can find ways to be passionate about it and engage the students.

  • Commitment and Selflessness

Every good teacher must see the profession as a noble call for service to humanity and approach their relationship with the students in that wise. It is very hard for a teacher to deliver his/her best to students every day if commitment is lost. And it is even more difficult to achieve the change we need in our education industry when the key stakeholders are disinterested in the cause.

  • Innovation

Teachers work in a challenging situation. Often they have few resources and students with significant challenges ranging from social to academic. However, innovative leaders embrace challenge and use their ideas, the creativity and resourcefulness of those around them to solve problems and implement solutions.

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