It is almost globally attestable, how deviant most people are towards the teaching profession. Many individuals seldom consider a career choice as a teacher. In many cases, the cause of this is associated with the limited societal knowledge on the prospects and benefits the profession offers. Is there really nothing else that a teacher can gain aside the barely or precisely enough salary, and probably the joy of having successful students? The answer is an absolute NO. There are so many other benefits in the teaching profession that influences personal, student as well as societal development. And with the Kwara Teachers’ Conference (KTC), we are set to properly enlighten our participating teachers in this aspect.

Understanding that teacher’s efficiency remains a key variable in evaluating the outcome of a student, the project, KTC  was birthed to serve as an intervention program aimed at setting the pace for a structured teacher’s development training, networking and collaboration in Kwara state. With the help of a number of global award-winning experts in the profession, we have it as a prime objective to assist in the exploration of opportunities for our teachers. Aside conferences and seminars like KTC where teachers can be further trained on teaching skills and also get updated on recent developments in the educational sector, there are many more programs that every teacher would love to participate in, locally and internationally. Just as there are ‘Study Abroad’ schemes, there are also ‘Teach Abroad’ opportunities. Training centres established by notable educational institutes have been set up worldwide to host qualified and dedicated teachers from anywhere around the world for the purpose of research, training and opportunity creation. Participants many at times get stipends for self-use and/or grant to implement transformational initiatives in their places of primary assignment. And better still, get a badge of international recognition.

The internet is also a home of opportunities for our teachers. The world is rapidly becoming a global village and organizations who have observed this trend have evaluated the impact an academic environment that is mobile enough to be accessed from anywhere and by anyone, will make. Hence, teachers are needed. YSI deems it fit to expose our teachers to these opportunities. We believe it to be a vital ingredient in the building of our builders.  For indeed, a great teacher is bound to make a great student.



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