The Nigerian educational system has evolved through various phases of development over the last three decades. The educational system has witnessed many changes and modification at various levels. The current phase of evolution is a transition from pedagogical methodology to a more sophisticated but user-friendly, technology-based instructional methodology.

Although ICT holds great potential to support ongoing educational as well as national development efforts, several challenges have affected its large-scale deployment and utilization for educational purposes.

The key factors affecting the effective deployment and utilization of ICT for educational purposes in Nigeria include:

  • Inadequate ICT infrastructure
  • Insufficient skilled manpower
  • Resistance to change from traditional methods to more innovative,technology-based teaching and learning methods
  • Under-funding of schools

Becoming a digital literate teacher will not only raise the bar on self development and value, it will also help in producing globally-refined students.

Learn more about digital literacy from our resource person at KTC. The conference has been designed to expose teachers to the standards of a proper 21st century teacher and how to introduce the knowledge into modifying teaching methodologies and aids in preparing students not just for improved academic performances but also for the global competitiveness.


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