Kwara Brain Point Challenge (KBPC) is an interschool quiz competition among public senior secondary schools in Ilorin Metropolis. KBPC is one of the projects of YSI focused on boosting literacy and academic competence among public school students within the state. The emphasis on public schools is centered on the perceived decline in the quality of education in these schools, thus creating a huge competence gap between students of public and private schools. According to the2015 Nigeria Education Data Survey, children’s literacy is about 40% higher in private schools than public schools; hence the need to change the narratives by exposing students attending public schools to platforms that will motivate the exploration of their academic potentials. This project is also proudly supported by the Kwara state Ministry of Education and Fizmayor Ltd., UK.

A total of 69 schools successfully participated in the preliminary stage of the competition held on November 17th, 2018 at venues within the four local government areas in Ilorin metropolis (Ilorin south, Ilorin west, Asa and Ilorin east). Progressively, the ten best schools based on cumulative performance have been selected for the semifinal stage slated for November 24th, 2018 at Queen Elizabeth School Hall, Ilorin.

The schools are:

  1. Queen Elizabeth Secondary School
  2. Ansar-u-l Islam Secondary School
  3. Bishop Smith Secondary School
  4. Government Day Secondary School
  5. Senior Secondary School, Ita Alamu
  6. Senior Secondary School, Ero omo
  7. Unity Community Secondary School
  8. Government Day Secondary School, Gaa Akanbi
  9. Government Day Secondary School, Oke Sunnah
  10. Olokuta Senior Secondary School


Six (6) schools would qualify for the Finals slated for 8th of December, 2018 at Kwara State Banquet Hall, Ilorin.

The prizes and benefits that will be awarded to winners as well as all contestants include:

  • Payment of WASSCE and NECO registration fees for the representatives (9 students) of the schools that emerge 1st, 2nd and 3rd.
  • Representatives (I8 students) of the 1st – 6th schools will receive customized school bags
  • The 1st – 3rd winning schools will get plaques and textbooks for their libraries.
  • All semi finalists will also receive souvenirs from JBG enterprise
  • Additionally, all contestants get a visit to the Executive Governor of Kwara state
  • Clothing wears, female slippers and male footwear will also be available for winners courtesy of Wurafadaka Clothing, Blic Wears and De Hem Shoes, respectively.

Improving people’s lives and sustainable development stems from the access to quality education. Undoubtedly, many developing countries including Nigeria are still struggling to reach a remarkable milestone in the provision of inclusive and equitable quality education for the promotion of lifelong learning opportunities for the masses. Advancing the education goal is indispensable in alleviating poverty and improving the economic standard of a nation. Although the educational development needs are immense, individual and collaborative commitments in leveraging resources and core competencies to support governments’ efforts will change the situation greatly. Ever since establishment, the YATTIYR SCHOLARSHIP INITIATIVE (YSI) has endeavored to meet up with and achieve this goal through helping individual students, especially indigent students of Kwara state, enroll and stay in school. Charged with the mission to improve access to quality education through advocacy and sponsorship, YSI embarks on projects themed on creating awareness on the importance of quality education in ensuring a better future.

At YSI, we believe together we can! We urge everyone out there to be a part too; true success can only be achieved through collaborative efforts of all.

As we look forward to another successful round, we hope you set your path to make IMPACT!




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