The final stage of the KBPC interquiz competition holds on Saturday, 8th of December, 2018, at the Kwara state banquet hall, Ilorin. All finalists and other participating schools are implored to note the following:
1. The event commences by 9:00 am with the registration of contestants/ participants and a red carpet session. Please be informed that lateness is tantamount to disqualification.
2. All schools that have participated in KBPC at any stage are expected to be in attendance.
3. The schools in the finals MUST be represented by the same representatives presented at the semi finals.
4. All schools are expected to come with the three registered representatives, at least a teacher and two supporters. Also, substitution of representatives will NOT be allowed.
5. All students should be neatly dressed in their school uniforms.
6. Quiz modalities: Kindly note that the final stage shall be an oral quiz
Subject combinations include:
General Science: Physics, Chemistry and Biology
General Art: Literature and Government
General Social Science: Commerce, Economics and Accounting
General Knowledge
7. No unruly behavior is permitted during/after the event.All schools should please be punctual as we all look forward to a successful finale.
Thank you.#YSI #KBPC

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