Kwara Brain Point Challenge (KBPC) is an interschool quiz competition among public senior secondary schools in Ilorin Metropolis. KBPC is one of the projects of YSI focused on boosting literacy and academic competence among public school students within the state. The emphasis on public schools is centered on the perceived decline in the quality of education in these schools, thus creating a huge competence gap between students of public and private schools. According to the 2015 Nigeria Education Data Survey, children’s literacy is about 40% higher in private schools than public schools; hence the need to change the narratives by exposing students attending public schools to platforms that will motivate the exploration of their academic potentials. A total of 69 schools successfully participated in the competition which started on November 17th, 2018. 

This project was proudly supported by the Kwara state Ministry of Education and Fizmayor Ltd., UK.

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