The morning of the 24th day of January, 2019, which marked the 1st United Nations’ International Day of Education, greeted the Taoheed Community, Basin, Ilorin, Kwara State, with an awareness walk. Yattiyr Scholarship Initiative (YSI) began her sensitization with an awareness walk at Taoheed Junction. A cry for “Right to Quality Education” was proclaimed loudly and clearly to all passersby, shop owners, motorists, and the residents in general. A few members of the public along the street were also interviewed to air their opinions on the Nigerian education system.

The walk through Taoheed community proceeded into the perimeters of Taoheed Senior Secondary School and the sensitization began with an opening warm up from Mr. Tobi Emmanuel, the Project Director at YSI. Thereafter, he went ahead with the introductory speech. The school Principal, Mr. Amuda J.J and the Head of Science Department, Mrs. Bamidele, were distinguished personalities of the high table. The students learnt what SDGs stand for; Sustainable Development Goals. They were told that the SDGs has 17 goals of which quality education is ranked number four.The YSI General Secretary, Miss Gbala Ifeoluwa, intimated the students with YSI and what we stand for. She encouraged the students to prepare ahead of the Kwara Brain Point Challenge 2, which will be in form of a debate competition.

The President and Convener of YSI, Mr. Fatoye John Oluwasegun, took the stage to talk more about the importance of education. In his lecture, he spoke about the Indian girl child, Malala, a story which one of the students was familiar with. Mr. Fatoye also gave a commendable explanation on skills and talents. The hearts of the students were greatly touched when he shared his grass to grace story in his pursuit of academic excellence. He then taught the students on how to set goals, whilst stressing on education and learning. Mr. Fatoye’s lecture was brought to a close with a pitch. The students learned to pitch as well. It ended in a well-coordinated rowdy session of pitches.

YSI stand-up comedian, popularly known by his stage name, “Omo Iya Lekan”, broke the ice with a comic relief. Thereafter, an alumnus of Taoheed Senior Secondary School, a member of YSI, Mr. Tunji Hassan Taiwo related with the students. He encouraged them to be focused on their education.

On a concluding note, the Vice Principal of the School, Mrs. Otto, gave her heartfelt remarks. She expressed her gratitude on behalf of the school and requested more of YSI. She advised the team to go more into the village schools whom she believed need YSI more. Mr. Fatoye promised to ensure this is done and at the same time, promised that YSI will donate books to the school’s library.

The sensitization was brought to a blissful close with the YSI anthem followed by a photo session.

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