Education is the development of the abilities of the mind,it cuts across every sphere of life,it goes beyond the formal classroom setting.

Scholars will say “you don’t stop learning,until you die”, education of a child is therefore important as it helps to break the social evils like racism and poverty line. The reason why educating a child helps to refine a generation can be adduced to several factors.

First,comfortable and stable life. It is a prayer of every parent to see their child become greater than they are and achieve more;for this vision to become reality,the child needs to be educated. The value of education cannot be over- emphasised as it yields much benefits.

Secondly, poverty alleviation: According to UNESCO,it is estimated that 171 million people would be lifted out of poverty and 12% dropping global poverty by just education. Educating a child is moulding a child’s future, educating a child Is seen as the way out  of poverty,this is why most children from poor background are mostly serious with their academics with the hope of getting out of poverty someday.

Thirdly,education of a child helps to create nation builders: Research has proven that many great investors were oriented and educated at very young ages. Children can be incredibly creative and inventive, some see their big ideas as development to a slounding business opportunity.

George Missen at age 16 created a tampoline; Chester Greenwood at age 12 created Crayon holders which helps to hold crayon In place inside the pack and many others. All of these are advantages of education.

In conclusion,education is pertinent in a child’s life because to develop or refine a generation to expectation, education must take place first. As the sayings go thus “EDUCATE a woman and you EDUCATE a family”, “EDUCATE a girl and you EDUCATE the future”, so also does the saying goes, “EDUCATE a child, and refine a generation”.

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