Education in a term leads a nation right

Education you can see, makes a future bright

Education thus, refine a generation

if all hands toss her gentle sure.


Generation in olden days passing by

and nothing to show by and by

day and time and day

sleeping away in tide and sun and hay


Everyday the sun

weep for giant’s sons

like a shriveled husks

by the shinning rusts

Begging for food

from the herbs of woods

who robbed them their worlds

for their worlds

for their rotten lust


Without education we can not grow

looking at other world’s you watch them glow

do not be jealous but come back home

with education you can turn it all


Science and technology develop  across the world

they were not thrown just over the wall

but good leaders thought their good and all

with education and all we can claim the hall


Do not be a waiting and a doubting Thomas

have faith in yourself like Peter of the rock

do not be a glutton who knows the plate to the top

focus on your education and refine your thoughts.


Without education there will be no communication

running here and there to get better attention

but if you sit and resolve to get educated

to be honest my friend you will get respected.


Parents and children do not jeopardize education

it is only the way to get to the top

do not mince the education the only glory of a nation

but scarcity of literates it is a battle and a loss.


Trendies and Niceties blind away time

how focus are you to climb very high?

but all this wastes  in  a fleeting prime

you will pay a fortune with a sigh and sigh.

aren’t you sick with your country’s headache

aren’t you expedite to make her healed?

do not throw yet the towel, focus on your education.


Bright future we have in this great nation

but people like us must be part of our motion

to change the fate of our fated passion

but without education we are stacked like friction.


Education is important for every child

they are created to lead but must be led to lead

let’s make them credible in loyalty not deprived

but most importantly, we must  refine their generation.


They are the salt of the nation

do not make them a goofy person

they are the future of tomorrow

shining bright like a lamp out of sorrow.


Good leaders and followers they will be in this

if you ask it is through education

go ahead and shine yourself

with education you can turn it all.


Join hands together to build this great nation

you are a vessel of honour

therefore, parent and children let us work

together to refine a generation.

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