Depression: the silent destroyer

Depression is a common psychological disorder accompanied with dejected mood, feelings of low self-worth, loss of interest and poor concentration which comes with symptoms of fretfulness. Depression is a major contributor to today’s world burden of disorders and affects people in all spheres across the world.

In the past decades, vital developments in research into the epidemiology, aetiology and cure of depression and suicidal act amidst the young ones has been seen, with progress also in the development of several range of psychological treatments and antidepressants medications. Young people who are depressed require a very careful assessment which could either be a brief or intensive and extensive form of treatment depending on the depressed level of the person in question.

Managing depression

The most desirable cure options consist of basic psychological support together with antidepressant medication or psychotherapy which is very effective for treating severe depression. Self-help is an important approach to help people with depression, with an innovative approach of creating online-based self-help programs and writing self-help books. Examples of other support protective factors include school-based programs targeting cognitive, problem-solving and social skills of children and adolescents as well as exercise programs for the elderly. Economic analysis has shown that curing depression in primary care is achievable, affordable and cost-effective. Depression persisting could eventually lead to the affected committing suicide (death).

In conclusion, barriers, such as lack of resources, limited numbers of trained providers and the social stigma allied with mental disorders still limits people from getting treated despite the acknowledged efficiency of treatment for depression. However, on an individual, community and national level, now is the time to sensitize ourselves about depression and support those suffering from it.

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Say No To Depression and Live To Bring Out the Best in You

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