On that fateful day, I walked into the staff room of my school. “Sir, it’s the third period and we are meant to have your class”, I spoke to my mathematics teacher. My well composed beckoning was rewarded with a subtly ignoble ignorance. It was a few weeks to the nationwide election. My Mathematics teacher as well as every other teacher in the staff room was oblivious to the fact that they were in a school and had students waiting in their classrooms.
As much as the issue of the nation is unarguably important to everybody, it is impertinent to be diligent. Being diligent means doing what is right at the right time. A misplaced priority is a misplaced action, for action expresses priority. Discussing politics and national matters ought not to be done during school hours at the time when classes should be ongoing. At the time when teachers should write lesson notes and mark assignments, the staff room becomes a hangout lounge.
Another scenery would be the teacher whose Thursday mornings are for the “Lord”. On Thursdays, he goes first to church for the “Settle Me Oh Lord” prayer service and resumes for his duty past midday. While it is good to pray, his misplaced priority has driven him away from where he ought to be- the classroom. It would be inferred that even God frowns upon such an act.
Although, it wouldn’t be fair to deny a teacher his rights to freedom of association, however, balance is important. A teacher must begin to see his profession not just as a job to do, but as well as a call. Teaching is a call worthy of nobility. A man who sees what he does as a noble call would undoubtedly set his scale of preference right. A child in school is the future of that nation. What more town hall meeting is supreme to doing one’s part in nation building by teaching a child in school?
Moreover, the government remains a stakeholder that we cannot ignore. The teacher who discards the classroom for the town hall reveals a lacuna in the government. A well compensated teacher would scarcely run after these things that derail him from his job. The government needs to realize that when it comes to eradicating poverty, a teacher comes first. It is the teachers that will teach the younger generation how to manage the wealth and resources the older generation has created. Failure to effectively do this is of course a waiting disaster.
Nation building is the civic responsibility of every citizen. Members of the public and non-school teachers should not look down on a teacher. No one should see himself as above. It is quite appalling enough that the teacher is not well paid, should the public then drive the nail deeper with scornful disdain of the former? Lest, we become the force that drives the teacher away from the classroom to the town hall.
Teaching is a call. Teachers are like angels amongst us and the classroom is teacher’s forte.

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