It is a New Year! We bid farewell to the old and usher in the new with great enthusiasm. We would like to express our sincere and warmest gratitude to all members, volunteers, partners and supporters of Yattiyr Scholarship Initiative (YSI).

The past year, 2018 (4th April) marked the inception and inauguration of Yattiyr Scholarship Initiative; a non-profit organisation with a vision to increase access to basic quality education for indigent children (particularly Kwara state) through advocacy, sponsorship and mentorship. And over the past eight months, we have been able to kick-start and accelerate the pace of achieving our objectives.

From eight foundational members, the organisation progressively has 42 members spread across seven departments now. In 2018, the organisation embarked on two main projects:

Outreaches to:

We also awarded scholarships (38 students) and donated books we acquired from a book drive trend to students and schools, respectively.
Notably, all our activities in the past year were funded through internally generated fund (from members and volunteers), voluntary donations from the public and partnerships.

This New Year (although with the first quarter as the official completion of the YSI first year) is an important one in expanding our horizons. We are charged to continuing with making impact while overcoming all difficulties with a united heart, clear aims and firm beliefs. We shall stick to our mantra- “excellence for all” to achieve excellence in all and for all. There is so much to expect in this year. We will be organising outreaches in schools, especially in the marginalised communities in Kwara state. We will also be embarking on two main projects aimed at improving the quality of teachers as well as students. Progress updates will be regularly posted on our social media pages. We believe that with our sustained commitments and enthusiasm, YSI will continue to record milestones. We look forward to more partnership and support as we are assured that together we can do more.

YATTIYR! Excellence for all!

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