Educate a child, Refine a generation by OBAFEMI ORE-OFE DEBORAH (1st Runner-up YSI POETRY CONTEST)

Educate a child, refine the generation
When a child is born, a new life is created and begins to grow
Educating the new life formed makes it functional and affective to its generation
Education is a right, which brings light to whoever has it
So a child must not be deprived and denied of sound and appropriate educations
Cos it is his/her right
Without education, the future of children is a dungeon black with darkness

Education is the solution to this utter darkness
An educated child grows up to be successful
And modelled character wise as such examples are many today
People like Professor Wole Soyinka and world renowned neurosurgeon, Benjamin Carson
Were examples of people who had it rough earlier in life
But change their life with the tool of proper education
And they are sources of inspiration to youths all over the world today

Yes, educating a child is the best way to refining a generation
As children of today are fathers and mothers that will nurture the coming generation
Education presents a child with knowledge and skills
Which makes the child to be found worthy both in knowledge and character
The character and knowledge deficiency noticed in our generation today
Is a failure of the past generation in instilling such virtues in this generation,
While they were still children
And this has gone a long way to increase vices
Such corruption and all what ought not to be in this generation

Even the holy book (Bible) says
“Train up a child in the he should go……….he will not depart from it”
I believe that the only solution to the menace of this generation
And better life for the next generation
Is giving the children of today adequate and proper education

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    Respect each other and respect the content creators and their respective communities.
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    Grievance related to academic freedom has been filed by TRUFA.

    That would be the appropriate process to follow if TRUFA believed Dr.
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    Coulda been better, and I can see why critics hated it,
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